Leviathan Wakes

Intro to Blog

Whispers of The Expanse are everywhere on the internet.  It’s extremely popular in the Sci-Fi community, but maybe not yet completely mainstream.  I’ve been interested in reading the books for years, knowing it was something up my alley. Years ago, I tried listening to the audio book but was only half paying attention. Now, I’m back and determined to enjoy these books.  It has nothing to do with the time I panicked and cancelled my audible subscription. I had 5 credits left and not wanting to lose them with my cancellation, I just started buying up the entire Expanse series. After not making it through ¼ of the 1st book, it seemed my purchases were destined to fail.  This blog will be my redemption as I try to stop down and look at The Expanse a few chapters at a time. I’m still listening to the audio book, but I am taking notes as I go through. Full disclosure – I spelled nearly every name wrong before looking them up to fact check. Decided I could be taken to task for other things besides my spelling. Hope you enjoy the ride with me!

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